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The Ultimate Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Buyers Guide V3.1

Are you planning to purchase an Evolution? Then you should read this buyers guide before you buy that car. This guide contains over 90 pages of 'must know' Lancer Evolution information including: complete history of Lancer Evolution, Lancer Evolution Diagrams, Specs of various Lancer Evo models, decipher Chassis and Engine number, full technical breakdown, inspection guides.

You can also read cars that match to evolution such as Mazda 323 GTR, Mazda RX-7, Nissan Skyline GTR (R32, R33, R34), Nissan Sunny, Nissan Pulsar GTi-R, Toyota Celica GT4, Toyota MR2 Turbo and Toyota Supra RZ Twin Turbo.

This guide, however is not a service manual, but you may download Lancer Evolution Service Manual PDF also.

Chapters inside the guide:

  • Chapter 1- Guide Introduction
  • Chapter 2- About the Evolution
  • Chapter 3- Stats and Facts
  • Chapter 4- Model Versions
  • Chapter 5- Before you Buy
  • Chapter 6- Inspecting the Vehicle
  • Chapter 8- Evo Life

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