1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse (2G) Electrical Wiring Schematic Diagram ~ Free Mitsubishi Car Manuals


1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse (2G) Electrical Wiring Schematic Diagram

This electrical wiring diagram and schematic is available to accompany 1996 Eclipse Service Manual (Technical Information Manual, Workshop Manual, Chassis-Body Repair Manual and Engine Service Manual) as a technician's hand on guide while maintaining and repairing electrical wire components of second generation (2G) Mitsubishi Eclipse model 1996.

Inside the free wiring diagram are information and guides to read the wiring diagrams, configuring wiring harness, circuit schematic diagrams, installation position etc. Aside of the coverage written above, it also shows wire colour codes, fusible link (relay box in engine compartment), starting system, remote controlled mirror, radio tape player schematics, sunroof, and more.

You may also refer to the following Eclipse Wiring Diagrams for 1996-1999 model year below:

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