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Outlander Workshop Manual:54. Chassis Electrical

The Chassis Electrical Manual for Mitsubishi Outlander is divided into 3 subgroup which are Chassis Electrical (54A), Smart Wiring System (SWS) Not Using SWS Monitor and Smart Wiring System (SWS) Using SWS Monitor.

Chassis Electrical pdf covers various aspects of electrical components, diagrams, wire harness along with their specifications, tools, troubleshooting, service, checking and replacement procedures. Amongst of the Electrical components are as follows: Battery, Ignition Switch, Speedometer-Tachometer-Fuel Gauge-Engine coolant temperature gauge, Headlamp/Foglamp/Signal Lamp, Horn, Clock Wiring Schematic, Cigarette Lighter, Rheostat, Speaker, Antenna, Defogger and more.

Rather than informing electrical wiring components and harnesses the Smart Wiring System subgroups covers more on how to deal with MB991502 MUT II Sub assy, MB991862 SWS Monitor Kit, MB991529 Diagnosis code check harness, Harness set, SWS monitor harness and adapter harness to check the Smart Wiring System. Inside the subgroup manual, you may find how to deal with those tools as well as information on ETACS-ECU, Diagnosis code charts, how the MUT-II Communicate with the system and more.

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