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1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse (2G) Electrical Wiring Supplement Manual

This wiring diagram only contains changes and addition of PHUE95E1 (Mitsubishi Eclipse Electrical Wiring Manual), the use of this supplement manual comply with Mitsubishi Eclipse TIM, Eclipse Worshop Manual Chassis (PWUE95E1), Eclipse Body Repair Manual (PBUE95E1) and Engine Group Workshop manual.

This wiring manual is started with outline of changes in the newer Eclipse, guide on reading Mitsubishi Eclipse wiring diagrams, single part installation and conclude with circuit diagrams.

All information in this pdf guide is invaluable for mechanics and users, but mostly users are looking answers for simple questions including but not limited to: wiring harness on engine, relays and sensors positions, headlamp wiring diagram, AC diagram, clock wiring schematic etc.

You may also refer to the following Eclipse Wiring Diagrams for 1996-1999 model year below:

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