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Outlander Workshop Manual:52. Interior & Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)

Group 52 of Mitsubishi Outlander Factory service repair manual is divided into two other subgroups: Interior (subgroup 52A) and Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) (subgroup 52B).

In the Interior PDF Manual you will find guides to help mechanics to remove and install, disassembly and assembly, inspection of instrument panel, floor console, trims, door trim, tailgate trim, headlining, mirror, front seat-rear seat and seat belt. As a factory repair manual, this subgroup also features teardown pictures (exploded diagrams) of all subjects to ease mechanics following the procedures.

The SRS service repair manual will help mechanics on fault finding, removal and installation, and inspection SRS and seat belt with pre tensioner system. SRS is a vital safety instrument inside a car nowadays, it reduce the risk of severity of injury to the driver and front passenger. Four airbag modules, SRS ECU as a main control unit, impact sensors, clock springs are instruments covered in this subgroup. (You may also download Mitsubishi Outlander Shop Manual for Exterior pdf).

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