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Outlander Workshop Manual:22. Manual Transmission

Mitsubishi Outlander comes with a popular 4G63-DOHC-MPI engine mated with 2 choiches of manual transmissions: F5M42 for 2WD Outlander and W5M42 for 4WD Outlander. Both F5M42 and W5M42 are five speed manual transmission with 1 reverse constant mesh. Specifications, transmission model, engine model, transmission type, gear ratio, final reduction ratio, lubricants will be easily found in the pdf manual.

Other subjects covered in the manual are: removal and installation/ disassembly and reassembly of transmission control, transfer assembly, transmission assembly, oil level check, transmission oil replacment, transfer oil check. Pictures and diagrams: Transmission oil replacement steps, transfer oil replacement illustrations, transmission parts name, shift lever diagram, transfer assembly teardown diagram.

The overhaul manual covers snap rings-spacer-thrust plate adjustment, transmission disassembly, input shaft overhaul, reverse idler gear disassembly, speedometer gear, select lever, control housing, clutch housing, transmission case disassemble-reassembly, differential, center differential, transfer.

The 4G63 engine was also fitted to these cars: Galant, Eclipse, Eagle Talon, Laser, the turbo version of 4G63 also empowers Mitsubishi Galant VR-4, Lancer Evolution, Carisma GT and Lancer WRC04 while competes on WRC.

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